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By Harry H. Harrison Jr.

ISBN-10: 1404187510

ISBN-13: 9781404187511

Find out what satisfied comprehend that makes their marriages remarkable rather than mundane!

Harry H. Harrison’s most recent dose of wit and knowledge will pay tribute to the sanctity of marriage and offers a trove of insight—1001 to be exact—into what it takes to have a contented union for a life-time. protecting issues from the variations of the sexes, to funds, marriage myths, and menopause, Harry doles out a great deal of functional information and suggestion laced along with his witty humor we’ve all come to like. 1001 issues satisfied learn about Marriage is an issue any newlywed—or professional couple—will get pleasure from, in particular whilst the marriage day has come and long gone, and all that’s left is one another. With million books out there, nobody is familiar with how one can carry brief, strong truths like Harry Harrison!

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82. You need to know you might have to learn to sleep with someone who makes noises at night. Strange noises. • 83. You need to know that, in the beginning, you’ll desire each other more than a good night’s sleep. • 84. You need to know this won’t always be true. But that doesn’t mean you’re falling out of love. You just need sleep. 32 W E D D I NG P L A N S 85. You need to know it’s important you both believe the other will stand by you. • 86. You need to know to thank God for every anniversary.

185. You need to know one key to marriage happiness is not to tell the other person every time he does something wrong. Breathe deep. Don’t open your mouth. 63 10 01 T H I NG S H A P P Y CO U P L E S K NOW A BO U T M A R R I AG E 186. You need to know marriage reduces stress and stress-related illnesses. In other words, you may be mad at your spouse, but it’s better than being mad at life. With no one to snap at. • 187. You need to know love and praise are contagious. The more love and praise you offer, the more of it you get back.

40 M A R R I AG E A N D L OV E 110. You need to know love is accepting that you’re not always going to get your way. • 111. You need to know love doesn’t give orders. • 112. You need to know love is accepting her hormones. • 113. You need to know love is getting hugged even though you’re contagious and snot is dripping out of your nose. 41 10 01 T H I NG S H A P P Y CO U P L E S K NOW A BO U T M A R R I AG E 114. You need to know love is letting you fall asleep on his shoulder even though he had rotator cuff surgery three days ago.

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