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Subject matters on glaucoma comprise the epidemiologic points; hereditary and genetic components; intraocular strain and aqueous humor dynamics; and scientific evaluate, clinical administration and surgical remedy. includes various pictures illustrating illness entities and surgical strategies. final significant revision 2008 2009.

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The saline acts as an optical coupler between the 2 surfaces. The lens provides direct visualization of the chamber angle (ie, light reflected directly from the chamber angle is visualized). With direct gonioscopy lenses, the phys ician has an erect view of the angle structures, which is essential when performing goniotomies. Direct gonioscopy is most easily performed with the patient in a supine position and is commonly used in the operating room for examination of the eyes of infants under anesthesia.

This perfusion may result from the stress of lOP on the blood supply to the nerve or from processes intrinsic to the optic nerve. CHAPTER 3: Clinical Evaluation. 53 Disturbance of vascular autoregulation may contribute to decreased perfusion and thus to nerve damage. The optic nerve vessels normally increase or decrease their tone to maintain a constant blood flow independent of IOP and blood pressure variations. A disturbance in vasc ular autoregulation may result in decreased optic nerve blood flow from increased lOP.

It is based on the Imbert-Fick principle, which states that the pressure inside an ideal dr y, thin-walled sphere equals the force necessary to flatten its surface divided by the area of the flatte ning: p= PIA where P = pressure, P = force, and A = area. In applanation tonometry, th e cornea is flattened, an d lOP is determined by measuring the applanating force and the area flattened (Fig 2-4). 06 mm diameter. At this di ameter, the resistance of the cornea to flatte ning is co unterbalanced by the capillary attraction of the tear film meniscus for the tonometer head.

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