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By Begmatov A. K.

The matter is taken into account of reconstructing a functionality in 3-dimensional house from its integrals over a relatives of hetero strains which are turbines of cones, i.e., an inversion challenge for the ray remodel with incomplete information. This challenge is attached with an auxiliary challenge of analytic continuation and is strongly ill-posed. A distinctiveness theorem and conditional balance estimates for an answer are bought.

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Since g is an inverse of f , we have g(f (x)) = x and g(f (y)) = y, which implies x = y. “⇐”: Suppose that f : A → B is one–one; for each y ∈ B we distinguish two cases: 1. y ∈ ran f : Then there is exactly one x ∈ A such that f (x) = y, since f is one–one. Now set g(y) = x. 2. x ∈ ran f : Choose an arbitrary element yx of A, and set g(y) = yx . So, dom g = B, codom g = A, and, since, f is one–one, each element of B is assigned exactly one element of A; hence, g : B → A is a function. Finally, let x ∈ A; by definition of g we have g(f (x)) = x, which shows that g is an inverse of f .

XE(P)z. This shows that E(P) is transitive. 3. e. Rx = Ry, which implies xRy. Conversely, if xRy, then Rx = Ry implying xE(P(R))y. The proof of the second part is similar and is left as an exercise. 1 Exercises Exercise 16. Find all partitions of {a, b, c, d}. Exercise 17. 1 on the previous page. Exercise 18. Prove that for an equivalence relation R, R = R˘ and R ◦ R = R. 1. A function is an ordered triple f, A, B such that 1. A and B are sets, and f ⊆ A × B, 2. For every x ∈ A there is some y ∈ B such that x, y ∈ f 3.

If A ⊆ B and f (x) = x for all x ∈ A, then f is called the inclusion function from A to B, or, if no confusion can arise, simply the inclusion. Observe that, if A = B and f is the inclusion, then f is in fact the identity on A. I. D ÜNTSCH & G. G EDIGA 37 3. If f (x) = x for some x ∈ A, then x is called a fixed point of f. 4. If f (x) = b for all x ∈ A, then f is called a constant function. 5. If g : C → D is a function such that A ⊆ C, B ⊆ D, and f ⊆ g, then g is called an extension of f over C, and f is called the restriction of g to A.

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