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By Carla Harker, Bill Webb

ISBN-10: 1594590451

ISBN-13: 9781594590450

Whereas investigating a mysteriously deserted mansion, the adventurers stumble right into a tangled internet of kidnapping, robbery and homicide. From a mansion with a perilous mystery to the blood-stained waves of the excessive seas and an old, cursed castle, the adventurers face a succession of deadlier and deadlier foes, with the rescue of innocents and the restoration of marvelous treasure as their final rewards. A kin Affair contains a absolutely built city environment, a number of distinctive NPCs and a variety of hard rivals. A d20 event for 4-6 desktops of point eight or larger.

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This tenfoot square room is Elion’s deepest secret. He originally built the room with the intention of keeping difficult creatures he studied in it, but lately his uses have had a more sinister purpose. The room is soundproof and contains a small cot, an everburning torch and a chamberpot. A few months ago, Elion fell in love with a beautiful merchant, a half-elf named Annara Leafbow, but she did not return his affections. When she finally gave in to his repeated requests for a night out, he kidnapped her and locked her in this room.

Spellbook: 0— daze, detect magic, ghost sound, message, resistance; 1st—alarm, animate rope, feather fall, grease, mage armor, magic missile, shield; 2nd— blur, gust of wind, invisibility, spider climb; 3rd— flame arrows, fly, lightning bolt, water breathing. Personality: Iriah remains aloof from everyone except Brory. She finds Hestan to be too simple-minded for any extended conversation, though she respects his abilities. ” Iriah is loyal to Brory and Shark Bait, and she loves being a pirate.

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