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By Takamitsu Muraoka

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This entire lexicon supercedes its past variations (1993; 2002). - the complete Septuagint, together with the apocrypha, is roofed. - For the books of Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, and Judges the so-called Antiochene version is totally lined as well as the knowledge as present in the traditional version via Rahlfs. - additionally absolutely lined are the 2 types of Tobit, Esther, and Daniel. - in line with the significantly demonstrated Gottingen variation the place it truly is on hand. If no longer, Rahlfs's version is used. - For with reference to 60% of a complete of 9,550 headwords all of the passages happening within the LXX are both quoted or pointed out. - an absolutely fledged lexicon, now not a thesaurus simply directory translation equivalents in English. - Senses outlined. - very important lexicographical facts comparable to synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, contrast among literal and figurative, combos with prepositions, noun instances, syntagmatic info corresponding to what sort of direct or oblique items a given verb takes, what sort of nouns a given adjective is used with, and lots more and plenty additional info abundantly awarded and illustrated with prices, quite often translated. - High-frequency lexemes resembling prepositions and conjunctions totally analysed. - info on modern Koine and Jewish Greek together with the hot testomony taken under consideration. - Morphological info supplied: a variety of tenses of verbs, genitive varieties of nouns and so on. - significant references to the present clinical literature. An crucial software for college students of the Septuagint, the hot testomony, Hellenistic Judaism, and the Greek language.

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