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By Cecil Chesterton

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Writer: George H. Doran corporation booklet date: 1919 topics: usa background usa Fiction / Classics background / common heritage / usa / basic heritage / usa / kingdom

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Contemporary Pragmatism Vol. 4, Issue 2 December 2007.

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The Transition to Democracy in Paraguay

The transition to democracy in Paraguay has been essentially the most tough in Latin the USA. This booklet highlights the constraints of the method of democratisation in a rustic which lacked a prior democratic culture and the place the legacy of the tough regime of Alfredo Stroessner (1954-89) is enduring.

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The Federalist party virtually died of the blow. The dream of an oligarchical Republic was at an end, and the will of the people, expressed with unmistakable emphasis, gave the Chief Magistracy to the author of the Declaration of Independence. CHAPTER V 38 CHAPTER V THE VIRGINIAN DYNASTY I have spoken of Jefferson's election as if it had been a direct act of the people; and morally it was so. But in the actual proceedings there was a certain hitch, which is of interest not only because it illustrated a peculiar technical defect in the original Constitution and so led to its amendment, but because it introduces here, for the first time, the dubious but not unfascinating figure of Aaron Burr.

This settlement had another interest as being one of the perennial geographical compromises by means of which the Union was for so long preserved. The support of Hamilton's policy came mainly from the North; the opposition to it from the South. It so happened that coincidentally North and South were divided on another question, the position of the projected Capital of the Federation. The Southerners wanted it to be on the Potomac between Virginia and Maryland; the Northerners would have preferred it further north.

John Adams was an honest man and sincerely loved his country. There his merits ended. " During his administration a new quarrel arose with France--a quarrel in which once again those responsible for that country's diplomacy played the game of her enemies. Genet had merely been an impracticable and impatient enthusiast. Talleyrand, who under the Directory took charge of foreign affairs, was a scamp; and, clever as he was, was unduly contemptuous of America, where he had lived for a time in exile.

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