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By F. Hengstberger

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Absolute Radiometry: Electrically Calibrated Thermal Detectors of Optical Radiation considers the applying of absolute radiometry, a method hired in optical radiation metrology for absolutely the dimension of radiant strength. This publication consists of 8 chapters and starts off with the rules of absolutely the dimension of radiant strength. the following chapters give you the standards linked to reflectance and transmittance of optical radiation and the parameters used to signify the functionality of radiation detectors. A bankruptcy provides an research of the temperature distribution in a detector point. This subject is via discussions of the environmental and instrumental corrections in absolute radiometry. the ultimate chapters care for the choice optical strength scales and direct present substitution equipment utilized in different fields of metrology.

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1 % of the Smithsonian Institution's own assessment of the amount by which its scale was in error. Finally, Guild also made a comparison with an Angstrom pyrheliometer calibrated at Upsala. 3 43 Absolute Radiometry absorber layer of the pyrheliometer was in a poor condition when Guild received it. 45 % lower than the N P L scale. 01-mm thickness and 30 χ 10 mm dimensions as the substrate for his absolute radiometer. 001 mm thick and with a resistance of 5 to 10 Ω, served as the heating element.

32 χ 10" W m K " , which is about 6% lower than the best estimate of this constant in 1985 (Quinn and Martin, 1985). 185W/ [gcal/s]). Kurlbaum (1899) also did a detailed study of the absorptance of platinum black and lampblack as a function of the layer thickness. He did this by comparing the emittance of surfaces covered with these absorbers to the emittance of a blackbody cavity at the same temperature. He also investi­ gated the difference between the surface and interior temperatures of radiat­ ing bodies, which is an important factor in such emittance measurements (Kurlbaum, 1900).

Although it consisted of blocks of bismuth and antimony and thus had a fairly large heat capacity, it proved extremely useful for the type of investigations conducted over the next 50 years because of its superior responsivity. The invention of the bolometer, a sensitive temperature sensor based on the change of electrical resistance with temperature, by Langley in 1880 was a further important milestone. Its responsivity considerably ex­ ceeded that of contemporary thermopiles, which had not been improved much since their invention by Melloni.

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