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By Steven Kalikow

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This casual advent specializes in the department of ergodic conception referred to as isomorphism conception. routines, open difficulties, and precious tricks actively have interaction the reader and inspire them to take part in constructing proofs independently. perfect for graduate classes, this booklet is usually a priceless reference for the pro mathematician.

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Constructing measure-preserving systems Page-27 27 132. Definition. Let ( , A, μ, T ) be a measure-preserving system and let B ⊂ A be a sub-σ -algebra that is complete with respect to μ. We say that B is T -invariant if for every B ∈ B, T −1 B ∈ B. is a homomorphism then {π −1 (A) : 133. Exercise. Show that if π : → A ∈ A } is a T -invariant σ -algebra of subsets of . 134. Exercise. Let ( , A, μ, T ) be a measure-preserving system on a Lebesgue space and suppose that B ⊂ A is a T -invariant σ -algebra.

On processes (X i )i=−∞ ∞ , one hand, if you knew the non-measurable set A used to construct (Yi )i=−∞ they would be very distinguishable, for as was mentioned, Y0 is determined by the other Yi s, this dependence being linked critically to A. On the other hand, if you didn’t know (or even know about) A, you probably wouldn’t be able to figure out enough about A or catch any inkling of its existence by looking at countably many instances of output from the black box housing ∞ . Then again, if you could look at an uncountable number of instances (Yi )i=−∞ of output, you’d probably be able to eventually figure out what A was.

If B ⊂ Wk we write r f (B; u) = # i : 1 ≤ i ≤ m − k + 1, u i u i+1 · · · u i+k−1 ∈ B m−k+1 for the relative frequency with which the members of B occur collectively as subwords of u. If v ∈ we write r f (w; v) = limn→∞ r f w; f n (v) , should this limit exist, and similarly for r f (B; v). 222. Definition. ). For : wn (x) ∈ B}. When B is a k ∈ N and B ⊂ Wk , we let ϕ(B) = {x ∈ singleton {w}, we may write ϕ(w) rather than ϕ {w} . We say that x ∈ is generic if for every finite word w, r f (w, x) exists.

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